Our Endodontist Serving Manhasset, Bayside, and Great Neck Describes Dental Symptoms

When to call for a referral or an appointment 

Sometimes, damage to your teeth can be so subtle they can only be detected by an exam and x-ray. Usually, though, problems significant enough to require endodontic treatment will have pronounced symptoms. Here are a few signs it’s time to call your dentist for a referral or contact us directly for an appointment:
Dental pain triggered by hot, cold or chewing
Spontaneous pain
Increased tooth pain during the night or while laying down
Drainage or bleeding from the gums
Swelling in the mouth or tongue
Rotting teeth
A bad taste in the mouth, even after brushing your teeth
Loose teeth
Facial pain
Facial swelling
Symptoms that may be associated with an injury include:
Chipped teeth
Bleeding from a tooth
Temperature sensitivity
Teeth not lining up properly when you close your mouth
Loss of one or more teeth
Facial pain
Pain while chewing 

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact us at 516-441-5060.