Here are some common misperceptions about root canal treatment. 

If you’ve never had a root canal, chances are you’ve heard stories. That they’re painful. That they can lead to further complications. That it’s easier to just have a tooth pulled. 
Let’s look at these myths one by one.

Myth One: Root canals are painful.

At Great Neck Endodontics we use the latest technologies, techniques and anesthetics to treat you. Before we begin, we will talk to you about your tolerance for discomfort, and a solution that will make your root canal experience as comfortable as possible. The result is that most patients report their root canal procedure is no worse than getting a regular filling. A recent national survey showed that patients who have had a root canal are six times more likely to report it as painless than people who have never had a root canal. 
If you require a root canal, the odds are you are or have been in a great deal of pain. Your root canal treatment will eliminate the source of this pain, and enable you to be pain free within a few days.   We will do everything we can to make your procedure go smoothly. And we will be glad to answer all your questions.
Myth Two: Root Canals can cause illness and other complications.

You may have heard that having a root canal traps bacteria in the teeth, leading to a number of diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, kidney disease and so forth. 
The fact is that there are always bacteria in our mouths, and this does not mean our mouths are infected. The whole idea of a root canal is to remove damaged or infected tissue and prevent it from spreading into surrounding areas. 
The misconception that root canals can cause infection is based on outdated research conducted in the early 1900s. Subsequent studies have shown that the benefits of endodontic work far outweigh any risk. 
If you have any concerns about a procedure, or have a preexisting medical condition, we will be more than happy to discuss it with you and your dentist or physician.

Myth Three: Pulling the tooth is a good alternative to a root canal.

The simple answer is no.  Saving your natural teeth is always the best option.  Nothing else works as well, or has a higher success rate.  Pulling a tooth requires replacement with a bridge or implant. This requires much more time and expense, and it may be necessary to perform procedures on other teeth and supporting tissues.  In addition, bridges and implants will never work as well as your own teeth, which may cause you to change your diet.